ElastixWorld was an iconic event in Latin America and the only one directed to voice over IP, telephony and unified communications in the region.

This project was created to gather the VoIP community around the world, and has included professionals from other IT branches.

ElastixWorld was an ideal place for end users, partners, resellers, integrators, manufacturers and developers to have the opportunity to share experiences, showcase new products, and open new business opportunities between the Latin American community and the world.

ElastixWorld was organized by PaloSanto Solutions, OpenDireito, Vopero Inc and other companies on its different editions.


ElastixWorld received 5,000 people in 6 editions, from 2010 to 2015


  • Ecuador

    Hotel Sheraton – Quito 2010

    400 attendees

  • Mexico

    Hotel Reforma – Mexico City 2010

    600 attendees

  • Spain

    SIMO Ifema – Madrid 2012

    1200 attendees

  • Mexico

    World Trade Center – Mexico City 2013

    1300 attendees

  • Chile

    Hotel W – Santiago 2014

    750 attendees

  • Colombia

    El Cubo – Bogota 2015

    680 attendees

  • Argentina

    Hotel Panamericano – Buenos Aires 2016

    550 attendees


  • Spain 13
  • Mexico 11
  • Argentina 10
  • USA 8
  • Ecuador 7
  • Colombia 6
  • France 4
  • Venezuela 4
  • Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Italy, Peru, United Kingdom: 2
  • Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Guatemala, Holland, Sweden: 1

Role of the attendees

Managers 23%
Network Administrators 22%
Integrators 21%
C Level 15%
Sales 5%
Consultors 4%
Students 3%
Developers 3%
*Others 4%

*Among others we can found: government officials, journalists, entrepreneurs, education proffesionals


The event was sponsored by 133 companies from several parts of the world mainly from the countries of the official venue.

About the Venue

Buenos Aires is the main economic center of Argentina with a wide cultural diversity and a distinct architectural style which led it to be known as “The Paris of America”. Buenos Aires was elected as the as a City of Design by UNESCO in 2005, the World Book Capital in 2011 and has been chosen to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2018.

The technological development of Argentina is another important point, highlighting the development of information systems, software and development, as well as being a community with a high number of professional in voice over IP.

ElastixWorld 2016 took place the 19th and 20th of October.

What we found at ElastixWorld?

The event combined a series of conferences, workshops and an Expo Show with exhibitors and speakers from local and international ambits. On 2013 and 2014 a software application competition, called Addon- Challenge, was performed; the jury included selected speakers and attendees.

The presence of leading figures from the industry and sponsors generated opportunities for networking, business talks, product releases and partner meetings.

The program was very dynamic, ElastixWorld was always on permanent evolution.

ElastixWorld in 7 points

  • All Latin America

    ElastixWorld was an event with multiple destinations, it took place in Latin America, a market of 605 million people.

  • Unique in VoIP

    It was the only event focused on VoIP and IP telephony in the region with a range of over 10,000 solution integrators currently developing implementation projects.

  • Distributors

    It was an opportunity to meet and make connections with distributors and major companies in the region.

  • Analysis of opportunities

    Allowed to make specific analysis of opportunities in several countries and future investments.

  • Product release

    It was the perfect placeto release new products and to evaluate the positioning and potential of the existing catalog.

  • Featured speakers

    Exhibitions, lectures and workshops included prominent figures with a unique knowledge of the region, the current state of implementation, projects and technologies.

  • Joint ventures

    Allowed to make contact with developers around the world, find future projects and make alliances.

Main Organizers

The following companies participated in the coordination of the 7 editions

The following companies were co-organizers of the event:

Neocenter – Mexico 2011, Avanzada7 – Madrid (VoIP2Day 2012), Toga Soluciones – Mexico 2013, Punto VoIP – Chile 2014, IPtegra and SIP Ltda – Bogota 2015, Provetel – Argentina 2016.

Our thanks to all of them for making this possible!

About the Copyright

ElastixWorld is a brand of PaloSanto Solutions, Elastix, the Elastix logo and other related brands are owned by 3CX

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